What is the PRP with Microneedling Facial?

The PRP with microneedling facial is a procedure which uses the patient’s own blood plasma to make skin improvements. This procedure, popular with celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, stimulates collagen production and the skin’s elastin fibers to create a smoother, clearer appearance. The PRP with microneedling facial stimulates tissue growth and helps the skin produce collagen, which may have been stifled by aging and environmental exposure.

Who Should Consider a PRP with Microneedling Facial?

The PRP with microneedling facial is an ideal treatment for patients who seek to rejuvenate the appearance of facial skin. The procedure is especially effective for those who suffer weakened collagen production, due to aging or environmental factors.
Benefits of the PRP with Microneedling Facial?

The PRP with microneedling facial uses platelet-rich plasma to encourage the patient’s skin to grow new collagen and tissue, producing a fresh facial appearance which lasts for weeks.
The PRP with Microneedling Facial Procedure

To begin the procedure, a sample of the patient’s blood is extracted and ran through a centrifuge to separate out plasma. This step takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The PRP with microneedling facial procedure utilizes plasma from the patient’s own blood to improve the skin of the face. Using minimal acupuncture needles (called a Rejuvapen), the plasma is spread across the patient’s face in a series of injections.

Prior to this step, a numbing cream is applied to the face and is left on for approximately 15 minutes. The face is then needled using the instrument for approximately 15 minutes, as plasma is applied to the face. A cooling mask may be applied following the treatment to reduce discomfort. In total, the procedure takes about a half hour.

Aftercare Following the PRP with Microneedling Facial

Following the procedure, your face may appear red for about 24 hours, reminiscent of a sunburn. Despite the redness, you are free to return to regular activities if you feel comfortable in doing so. You’ll be given an aftercare cream to apply before bed following the procedure.

As the procedure promotes turnover of skin cells, patients see fresh, glowing results for many weeks following the treatment, with results apparent immediately following the PRP with microneedling facial.

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